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‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2021 Spoilers: ‘BIP’ Season 7 Winner, Engagements


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Almost paradise. Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise 2021 spoilers can be described in three words: drama, drama, drama.

After two years, Bachelor in Paradise, a spinoff of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, is back on ABC. Season 7 premiered on August 16 and followed 30-plus Bachelor and Bachelorette alums as they looked for love in Mexico. The season, which is the first to air since season 6 in 2019 due to the current health crisis, was filmed over the course of three weeks at the Playa Escondida resort in Sayulita, Mexico, in June 2021.

In an interview with StyleCaster in October 2020,  former host Chris Harrison revealed that there had been talks to film Bachelor in Paradise in 2020, but those plans were put on hold to focus on The Bachelorette season 16, which aired months behind schedule.

“Early on, we thought, ‘Hey. If this only lasts a couple weeks, we could still cram The Bachelorette in all in and make it all work and push Bachelor in Paradise,’” Harrison said at the time. “Quickly, we realized this is a much bigger problem and everything was going to have to take a back seat. We thought we might be lucky to just get The Bachelorette done. We realized Bachelor in Paradise was just going to go away for the summer. Unfortunately. It was just a casualty of this pandemic. Now we’re going to get into Matt James doing The Bachelor. That will put us back on schedule and hopefully, knock on wood, next summer, things will open. We’ll have the vaccine and we can get back to our regular calendar.”

As for what to expect this season of Bachelor in Paradise, bartender Wells Adams told Us Weekly in July that fans can expect a lot of romance and a lot of drama. “There’s love, there’s romance. There’s a lot of drama, you know, it’s got everything,” he said.  “The drinks are bad, the advice is worse, but the bar is open. … There are some twists and turns that I was shocked by, and I never thought would ever happen on the show. And I think people are really, really going to love this season.”

During an episode of his podcast, “Bachelor Happy Hour,” in July, Wells also teased that something that he’s never seen in his five seasons he’s been on Bachelor in Paradise happens in season 7. “Of all the five seasons I’ve done in Paradise, the craziest stuff happens on this season. I think no one is going to expect what happens,” he said. “What happens this season is insane.” Guest host Tituss Burgess also teased that Bachelor in Paradise season 7 isn’t short of the drama. “Honestly for me, all I had to do was keep my ear to the ground and listen for what was happening, the drama, the love triangles, all of it. It kind of does the job for you,” he told Entertainment Tonight. “You zoom out and then you figure out, well, we need a party here. We need a date night here. We need to mix this up and see just how serious this person is about the other person.”

And for those who have watched past Bachelor in Paradise seasons, Joe Amabile, who was on Bachelor in Paradise season 5 and returned for season 7, told the “Click Bait” podcast July that the current season is more “insane” and “intense” than his first. “I wasn’t expecting to be original cast,” he said. “I forgot all of what Paradise is about and it is a wild ride, and this season is insane. It really is. … It almost was, like, every day got more and more intense.” He continued, “It was a lot different than my first time. It was wild.”

As for those who wonder how much Bachelor in Paradise is real, guest host Lance Bass told Us Weekly in August that the drama is very, very real. “I was surprised to see how real everything was, because, you know, those shows can probably get very heavily produced,” he said. “[I thought,] ‘They’ve been on the franchise before, it’s like they come in kind of like actors.’ Like, ‘OK, I know what y’all need. Let’s do this.’”

How much drama is there, you ask? Well, is these Bachelor in Paradise 2021 spoilers are true, Bachelor Nation is in store for the most dramatic summer yet. Read on for the Bachelor in Paradise 2021 spoilers and what we know about what goes down this summer in Mexico, according to Reality Steve.

All the Surprise Cast Members

Bachelor in Paradise 2021 contestants

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

There are more than 30 Bachelor and Bachelorette alums who will be in the Bachelor in Paradise 2021 cast. According to Reality Steve, these are the surprise cast members who will join the show after Day 1. (See the Day 1 contestants here.)

The Bachelor season 22 / Arie Luyendyk Jr. contestants: Tia Booth (also on Bachelor in Paradise season 5), Becca Kufrin (also the season 14 Bachelorette), Kendall Long (also on Bachelor in Paradise season 5).

The Bachelorette season 14 / Becca Kufrin contestants: Chris Randone (also on Bachelor in Paradise season 5), Clay Harbor (also on Bachelor in Paradise season 6).

The Bachelor season 23 / Colton Underwood contestants: Demi Burnett (also on Bachelor in Paradise season 6).

The Bachelorette season 15 / Hannah Brown contestants: Connor Saeli (also on Bachelor in Paradise season 6).

The Bachelor season 24 / Peter Weber contestants: Mykenna Dorn, Alexa Caves, Alayah Benavidez, Madison Prewett.

The Bachelorette season 16 / Clare Crawley & Tayshia Adams contestants: Chris Conran, Chasen Nick, Joe Park, Demar Jackson, Ed Waisbrot, Riley Christian Clare.

The Bachelor season 25 / Matt James contestants: Alana Milne, Chelsea Vaughn, Kit Keenan, Pieper James.

The Bachelorette season 17 / Katie Thurston contestants: Thomas Jacobs.

Wells, Sarah Hyland, Nick Viall & More Are Hosts

Wells Adams, David Spade, Bachelor in Paradise 2021

Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin.

David Spade, Lil Jon, Lance Bass and Titus Burgess are four confirmed hosts for Bachelor in Paradise 2021. Other guest hosts include Wells Adams, his fiance Sarah Hyland, Nick Viall, and his girlfriend Natalie Joy, according to Reality Steve. Reality Steve also reported that Chelsea Handler was in talks to be a guest host on Bachelor in Paradise season 7 but never filmed for the show.

Victoria P. Has a Boyfriend & Is the First Eliminated

Victoria P.,

BACHELOR IN PARADISE – ABC’s “Bachelor in Paradise” stars Victoria P. (ABC/Craig Sjodin)

Victoria Paul (Peter’s season) was the first contestant who went home. She self-eliminated before the first Rose Ceremony after she was exposed for having a boyfriend at home before she went on the show.

Kelsey, Victoria L. & Serena C. Are Eliminated at the 1st Rose Ceremony

Bachelor in Paradise 2021 contestants

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

The men gave the women roses at the first Rose Ceremony. Kelsey Weier (Peter’s season), Victoria Larson (Matt’s season) and Serena Chew (Matt’s season) were the contestants eliminated at the first Rose Ceremony.

Tahzjuan Quits


Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin.

Tahzjuan Hawkins (Colton’s season) self-eliminates soon after the premiere of Bachelor in Paradise season 7. She was also on Bachelor in Paradise season 6, where she was eliminated in the same week she joined.

Chasen & Becca Get into a Feud

Becca, Chase,

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Chasen Nick (Clare/Tayshia’s season) arrives after the first Rose Ceremony and gets into a feud with Becca, who accuses him of telling the men that he went on a date with her before Bachelor in Paradise season 7. Becca accuses Chasen of being on the show for fame and not the right reasons. He goes on a date with Deandra Kanu (Peter’s season) but is eliminated at the second Rose Ceremony after not getting a rose. The feud was never aired.

Becca Gives Her 1st Rose From Aaron

Aaron, Becca,

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Becca Kufrin (Arie’s season and the season 14 Bachelorette) joins Bachelor in Paradise season 7 after the first Rose Ceremony, and gives her first rose from Aaron Clancy (Katie’s season).

Tammy Dates Thomas

Tammy, Thomas,

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Tammy (Peter’s season) has a romance with Thomas Jacobs (Katie’s season), but he breaks up with her at the third Rose Ceremony for Becca.

Kenny, Mari & Demi Are in a Love Triangle

Bachelor in Paradise 2021

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Kenny Braasch (Clare/Tayshia’s season), Mari Pepin (Matt’s season) and Demi Burnett (Colton’s season) are in a love triangle. In the end, Kenny chooses Mari over Demi. Demi was also on Bachelor in Paradise season 6 and got engaged to Kristian Haggerty, who she broke up with in October 2019.

Mykenna, Alana, Alayah & Chelsea Join Together

Bachelor in Paradise 2021

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Mykenna Dorn (Peter’s season), Alana Milne (Matt’s season), Alayah Benevidez (Peter’s season) and Chelsea Vaughn (Matt’s season) join halfway through the season at a party where they had to form a connection with one of the men. If they had a connection with one of the men, they joined the main cast. Alana, Chelsea and Mykenna made it into the cast, but Alayah didn’t.

Jessenia, Ivan, Chris & Alana Are in a Love Square

Bachelor in Paradise 2021 contestants

Courtesy of ABC.

Jessenia Cruz (Matt’s season), Ivan Hall (Clare/Tayshia’s season), Chris Conran (Clare/Tayshia’s season) and Alana are in a love square. Jessenia and Ivan were in a romance, but Jessenia broke up with Ivan to date Chris when he arrived. Chris then left Jessenia for Alana once she joined the show.

Alana & Chris May Have Dated Before the Show

Alana, Chris,

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Chris and Alana couple up soon after she arrives. However, there’s drama with other contestants, who believe that Alana and Chris may already be dating because they hung out before Bachelor in Paradise season 7 started filming. In the end, Alana and Chris both leave in the same episode single.

Chelsea Gets a Rose From James

James, Chelsea,

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

When Chelsea joins the main cast, she gets a rose from James Bonsall (Katie’s season.) However, their relationship doesn’t last.

Dr. Joe, Blake Monar & Demar Join Together

Bachelor in Paradise 2021

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Joe Park (Clare/Tayshia’s season), Blake Monar (Clare/Tayshia’s season) and Demar Jackson (Clare/Tayshia’s season) join in the same episode and go on dates. However, none of them receive a rose at the next Rose Ceremony and are eliminated.

Mykenna & Ed Go on a Date

Mykenna, Ed,

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Mykenna, who was one of the last contestants to join Bachelor in Paradise season 7, goes on a date with Ed Waistbrot (Clare/Tayshia’s season). They had a short romance before Mykenna broke up with him. Before their breakup, Ed gave his rose to Mykenna instead of Natasha Parker (Peter’s season), who went home late in the season.

Ivan Leaves Single


Image: ABC/Craig Sjodin.

Ivan leaves Bachelor in Paradise season 7 single after romances with Jessenia and Kendall Long (Arie’s season)

Kendall Leaves Single

Kendall Long

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Kendall met Joe Amabile (Becca’s season) on Bachelor in Paradise season 5. They broke up at the end of the season but got together before the “After the Final Rose” special. They split again in 2020 after two years of dating. Kendall leaves Bachelor in Paradise season 7 single after seeing Joe’s relationship with Serena Pitt (Matt’s season). Before she leaves, she has a short romance with Ivan.

Tia Leaves Single

Tia Booth

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Tia Booth (Arie’s season) leaves Bachelor in Paradise season 7 single. She was also on Bachelor in Paradise season 5, where she had a romance with the season 24 Bachelor, Colton Underwood.

Brendan & Pieper Quit But Stay Together

Brendan, Pieper,

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Brendan Morais (Clare/Tayshia’s season) and Pieper James (Matt’s season) dated before Bachelor in Paradise started filming, which causes drama on the show. They leave Bachelor in Paradise season 7 before Fantasy Suites after they were called out by other contestants for dating before the show. Though they quit the show, Brendan and Pieper are still together.

Becca & Thomas Break Up But Get Back Together

Bachelor in Paradise 2021

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Becca and Thomas are a main romance on Bachelor in Paradise season 7. However, Becca breaks up with Thomas before Fantasy Suites and they both leave the show single. According to Reality Steve, Becca and Thomas got back together after Bachelor in Paradise ended, and they’re still together.

Abigail & Noah Break Up Before Fantasy Suites

Abigail, Noah,

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Noah Erb (Clare/Tayshia’s season) and Abigail Heringer (Matt’s season) are a couple from Day 1 of Bachelor in Paradise season 7. However, Noah breaks up with Abigail before Fantasy Suites. According to fans, however, Noah and Abigail have been commenting on each other’s Instagram posts, which lead some to believe that they plan on dating after the show.

Joe & Serena P. Are Engaged

Joe, Serena P.,

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Joe and Serena get engaged in the Bachelor in Paradise season 7 finale and are still together. They’re one of three final couples.

Kenny & Mari Are Engaged

Kenny, Mari,

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Kenny and Mari get engaged in the Bachelor in Paradise season 7 finale and are still together.

Riley & Maurissa Are Engaged

Riley, Maurissa

Image: Courtesy of ABC.

Riley Christian (Clare/Tayshia’s season) and Maurissa Gunn (Peter’s season) get engaged in the Bachelor in Paradise season 7 finale and are still together. For more about the Bachelor in Paradise 2021 winners, click here.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays on ABC. Here’s how to watch it for free.


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